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Bruce's Sponsorship Page

Meet Bruce!

UPDATE: 8/6/19

Bruce is doing fantastic! He is a completely different cat since starting his medications, which he is the easiest of patients to medicate! His foster mom adores him and has nothing but amazing things to say about him. Here is her latest update: 

"Bruce is his vivacious self. He’s great with children, I’ll include a video of him playing with my godson. He plays so hard, he never turns down a chase. If Bruce has it his way he’d eat about 4 cups of wet and dry food every day. He loves water and I mean LOVES water. Also interested in the shower and sink, even drinks from the faucet. You would never know he is sick. 
Bruce likes to play possum too. He lays like this at least twice a day (see picture belly up)
Nobody knows how to relax as much as him"

As of 04/09/19 Bruce has now been tested FIV + and 
Recently diagnosed with cardiac disease his specialist diagnosed CHF and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy after an echo was performed. Bruce is the most easy going lovable well behaved HUGE Tom kitty who volunteers noticed the sweet lovable lap kitty started to feel weak and not eat, etc. After several vet apts an ddisgnostics to try to figure out what was wrong with him we finally were able to find out what his medical problem was. we are devastat he was given 6mo to live with medications but maybe he could live longer if well managed. he is only on two oral medications to be given twice a day and would love to find a forever foster family for him to live the rest of his life. ARWOB would manage the medical/financial aspect for the forever foster family.

Bruce is one handsome feline! Your typical Tom cat with big jowls but a total love bug! 
This guy is a lover not a fighter. He came on to the local San Diego shelter with cat bite wounds in February. He needed to be exited from the Shelter and he is now available for adoption -  Bruce is an absolute sweetheart and our volunteers' favorite!

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