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Aspen's Sponsorship Page

Meet Aspen!!

UPDATE 10-23-20:  Here is what Aspen's foster family has to say about her:

"Aspen is a super sweet and smart girl. She picks up on rules and formal training fast and has learned how to walk on a leash nicely. She understands “no” and is still learning how to respond to verbal commands like “sit” but will do it with a little practice and gentle reminder on the leash. Sometimes I think she doesn’t like to sit because it might hurt her hip (you’ll notice that she’ll sit on to one side, or lay down entirely). She is not food driven but will work for praise. She is potty trained and crate trained and is used to being in the crate if you need to leave. She loves her humans very much and she’s great with all people and kids and loves attention. If she’s new to a home, she might seem a little anxious at first but she’ll warm up after a day or two. She just loves to be around you and loves her belly rubs and tailbone scratches. She has a new foster sibling as of a week ago, a little male staffy mix. They are besties! She’s definitely still the Queen of the house, but seems happy to have a playmate."


Aspen was rescued by a different group back in 2017.  We recently received a request for help to transfer her to our care, so she has a better opportunity at finding a forever family.

Aspen is probably a lab/shep/pit mix (based on her looks) and she was rescued along with her litter of puppies back in 2017.   Back then she was probably a young 2-year-old adult and was living tied out in a front yard belonging to a family in Tijuana.   Sadly, they lived in very poor sanitary conditions inside their home.  As a result, all of the puppies looked like they needed medical care and Aspen needed an OUT!  Her original rescuers took the entire family of dogs, and of course the puppies were adopted out pretty quickly.  But Aspen needed time to decompress and learn to trust humans, as she had a pretty rough start.  Unfortunately there was a lack of fosters available that were able to take in an energetic, strong young adult dog like Aspen.  This didn’t help her acclimate to being a house dog and she sadly needed to stay with her rescuer in Tijuana, while she waited for an available foster in San Diego (or adopter).  The years have passed by and now that Aspen has been transferred to our care here in San Diego, we are hoping we have better luck giving her the life she deserves!

During the time Aspen was with her rescuer in Tijuana, she shared an outside area with her doggy friend Pepe.  Both Aspen and Pepe were outside yard dogs, so Aspen needs to receive more attention and love to learn to be more than just a yard dog.  ARWOB also took Pepe under our care and although Aspen and Pepe do not need to be adopted together, she does enjoy Pepe’s company and plays and lounges in the sun with him.  We have observed that she can also be very “dog selective,” and has an alpha personality.  This means she will need an adopter who has experience and can show her leadership to make sure she is taught what she can and cannot do.  Her adopter will need to know how to avoid potential issues with other dogs and maintain safety at all times.  She would not be a good match for a dog park or dog beach, without established training.  She will need help with leash pulling and to learn her manners, so she needs an experienced adopter or foster who will help her learn to be the best she can be.  She has had a tough life, through no fault of her own, and she hasn’t been given much attention over the past few years.  However, she was in a safe place during that time and we have confidence that she will blossom.

Aspen could be a house dog for a family who has a yard for her to run around in and who will bring her in at night.  Her perfect adopter would be willing to spend daily hours with her in the house or in the yard, but will definitely be a family who is willing to give her love, attention and a safe home.  She has been around many dogs, but whether or not she becomes friends with them all depends on their personality.  She would do best in a home with NO CATS.  She does well around children, but she can be a bit of a “brute” and is strong, so jumping on little kids could be intimidating for some.  Aspen is crate trained and she does well riding in the car.  She also ENJOYS bed time and cuddle time!

Aspen is currently being boarded at a kennel in San Diego, but she occasionally goes home over the weekend with volunteers, so they can spend more time socializing her.  Here is what they have learned about her so far:

“Aspen is good with kids, seniors and she is a family dog. I would recommend that the adopter have Pit Bull experience and has owned a Pit Bull in the past. She does not get along with big female dogs. She gets along with Pepe the Bull Mastiff. She might need to be in a home where she is the only pet. She is a watch dog. She will protect the home and let you know if something is outside.  Human, animal or anything that moves outside. Even if it's the wind moving leaves across the dirt. She loves to play and roll around in her bed. She just wants to be loved and she's a goofball.  She is well mannered and sweet.”

To meet Aspen, please submit an adoption or foster application online at arwob.org

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