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Meet lily!

FKA as inca. Lily is a almost 6yr old labrador mix who Was adopted from ARWOB back in 2016 to a family who had previously adopted another ARWOB dog. Lily was originally a Tijuana stray rescued by ARWOB is 2015. Sadly, her family is going through a divorce and moving to apartment settings both of which aren't conducive for what LILY needs. She would do best in a home with a yard like she has had for the past 3 yrs. She has been able to come and go in the house by using the doggy door While her parents work long shift hours and she can easily have access to the yard to go potty or run around playing. Since moving from that setting, she has been in an apartment where she would have to be inside for 10-12hrs as they wouldn't be able to go home and check in on her.

Currently (as of 11/15), ARWOB doesn't have a FOSTER family who can handle a 60 lab mix especially for a long term commitment ei fostering her until she finds a forever family. Her family needs to find a forever home before the end of year so we need help finding a forever or adoptive family.

Lily had to have an orthopedic surgery 10/2019 as she had torn her ACL and her family paid for her surgery with one of the best surgeons in San Diego and are also  in on the process of recovering and Lily is doing great! She will be available for adoption after her 2 month post op recovery, available for adoption beginning 12/1/2019.

A little more about her, from her family:

  • We think she was 2 when we adopted her, so she is about 5 years old now, and starting to "settle down"
  • She is completely up to date on her vaccines and vet visits (she has had 2 comprehensive exams per year and an annual dental cleaning since we adopted her)
  • Sadly, Oliver developed prostate cancer and we only had a few short years with him. Oliver was our first, and we adopted Lily a year later. Lily has been our only pup for almost two years now (since 2017). She is a high spirited pup, a mixed Lab/Pit who wiggles her butt with excitement when she meets new people and loves going for walks in the park and hunting lizards and gophers in the backyard.
    My husband and I are in the process of divorcing and neither of us can find affordable housing that will allow us to keep her and provide her with the yard and space she needs to get enough exercise and really thrive.
    She seems perfectly content to be an only dog.  There are a few dogs at the park that she is always happy to see, but when we took her to find a "brother" after Oliver passed, she did not seem to want to play nice with any of them.
  • She walks well on a leash, we use a gentle leader harness because we felt we had the best control over her when she sees a rabbit at the park (she has a bit of a prey drive)
  • She is silly and snuggly but can get a good case of the zoomies when she wants to play and may be too much for young kids, because she can accidentally knock them out like most large 'happy wiggle but' dogs often do. She would do better in a home with older children, or no children.
  • Lily has food allergies. Though we have not received a formal diagnosis, we have found removing grains, sugars, starches from her diet reduces/eliminates her dermatological flare-ups and hotspots.  
    • When her skin flares up we notice she gets yeasty build-up in her ears as well. (She loves having them wiped out, and then wants to see the tissue...)
    • The vet record we received at the time we adopted her indicated treatment for mites, and she had patchy areas where she was missing some fur. (Working with our vet we have tried her on Apoqquel, prescription diet, and tested for mites with a negative result several times.)  We will gladly provide her complete vet record to her new family. 
    • We have had her on Glucosamine/Chondroitin daily supplement since the day we adopted her, and she has been on a probiotic supplement and systemic yeast treatment for just over three years. 

behavior info:

-Knows sit, paw (shake), spin, lay down.  Working on stay, leave-it, off.  She is very treat motivated and willing to learn.
-She walks well on the leash but can pull sometimes if she sees rabbit type Creatures.
-We have trained her to sit and look at us when another dog approaches while we are walking. If another dog runs up into her space, she may bark or growl to let them know she is not comfortable.
she doesn't have separation anxiety and does well when we leave for work or running errands.
-Good with some, but not all dogs. She gets along really well with a few males at the park, similar in size and relaxed demeanor. Hyperactive dogs seem to stress her out.

in summary:
Lily would do best in a home with a yard and without small pets(prey drive) or children(strength can knock them out).  She is perfectly content to be an only dog, but can be okay with another dog with a laid back personality. She would love a new family that will take her For walks around the park, on (short) hikes, and to run errands.  She loves being around people.

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