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We are a non-profit & all breed rescue organization operating in the Baja, Mexico and San Diego, CA areas to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome cats & dogs. Learn more about 

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 Scheduled Adoption Events

To see all events, visit our EVENT CALENDAR Page.

To make the most out of your time, we suggest you SUBMIT an adoption APPLICATION BEFORE an adoption event.

Check the animal attendance the morning before the event to confirm attendance of a particular rescue. In addition, please check the up-to-date animals attendance list 1 HOUR BEFORE an event to know if the dog or cat you want to meet is still attending.

Also remember to review important event information BEFORE attending.


Not ready to adopt a dog or cat? Have no time to volunteer or foster?

You can still help: a donation is a great way to help ARWOB! Any amount - large or small - is appreciated.

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Foster a Rescue

Fostering is
  FREE and FUN! 

We not only provide you with everything you need to take care of one of our rescues, but the experience is SO fulfilling. By placing one animal into a foster home, you allow us to save another. We are always in need of foster parents.

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Current Scheduled Events:

Dog and Cat Adoption Event
Sunday July 10th, 2022 10:00 AM until 11:55 AM
Location: PetSmart in Clairemont (858) 300-6501
Map: 4253 Genesee Ave San Diego CA 92117
See all of the animals attending this event.

Drive down to meet some of our dog and cat rescues attending. An animal attendance will be updated the day before. We highy recommend to submit an adoption application ahead of time or we will request one be submitted on site. The majority of our rescues are in need of a foster home or a forever home. You can also request foster to adopt trials. Note- Some of our long-term rescues (no fault at their own as they are wonderful) have adoption fees waived in order to help them find their final destination which is HOME (each biography will state if they apply for waived fees)

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Cat Adoption Event
Saturday July 30th, 2022 12:00 PM until 02:00 PM
Location: PetSmart in Clairemont (858) 300-6501
Map: 4253 Genesee Ave San Diego CA 92117
See all of the animals attending this event.

Drive down to meet our little feline friends. We have a lot of kittens attending from 3mo-9mo of age and of course a couple of adults. Please, make sure to click the animal attendance list to see who is attending. If there is a cat(s) you'd like to meet and is not listed as attending we are happy to make arrangements for him/her to attend as long as an adoption application is submitted online 48hrs prior to adoption event (thursday 7/28) to give enough time to make arrangements. You are welcome to also stop by and meet them and if see someone you'd like to adopt go home and submit an application to adopt then. Many of our feline rescues are in need for foster homes as well, so if you are looking to foster or are curious about our foster to adopt trials make sure to ask us about them!

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Cat AND Dog Adoption Event
Sunday August 14th, 2022 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM
Location: PetSmart in Clairemont (858) 300-6501
Map: 4253 Genesee Ave San Diego CA 92117
See all of the animals attending this event.

Dog and Cat adoption Event! We only hold one adoption a month. Perfect time to meet all the attending dogs and cats without having to submit an application in order to meet them, you can just stop by and meet them in person. Go home, submit an application and we can follow up as soon as later that same day and adopt as soon as the next day! If you like to attend the event AND adopt on the same day we recommend you submit an application for review NO LATER than Thursday evening 8/11/22 to have enough time for a volunteer to contact you and start the adoption process. Don't know WHO you like to adopt? NO PROBLEM! You just stubmit an application for a dog or cat and let us know on the comments you choose that particular dog or cat BUT are open to adopt anyone you meet at the event and have a connection with. Once you submit an application for ANY dog or cat you don't have to resubmit another application later on. For example you submit for X rescue but when you met you had a better connection and would like to adopt Y rescue instead, NO PROBLEM! As long as the application is approved and there is no other applicant ahead of you. Click our adoption attendace to see the dogs and cats attending. If there is a dog/cat you'd like to meet but see they are not attending please submit the application for it so we can review and contact you and we will make sure to have that rescue attend as well. Are you interested in trying it out before finalizing an adoption? NO PROBLEM! You need to submit the ADOPTION application and just make sure to let us know on your application you are interested in fostering the dog/cat FIRST before adopting to make sure you are a good match. This is what we call our "Foster to adopt trial" FTA FTAs are not typically approved for kittens and puppies but at this time we have so many rescues that we are happy to open this program to any of our rescues. Do know that if we have adopters interested in the same dog/cat you are interested in we do give priorities to adopters. If you'd like to ONLY FOSTER with no intent to adopt, please submit our foster application. We recommend future fosters attend the events towards the end probably the last 30-60min of the event to meet all the dogs/cats who were not adopted and in need of fosters. We are in desperate need of fosters so we hope we see you there!

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