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Penny's Web Page

Domestic Long Hair / Tabby / Mixed (long coat)  : :  Female (spayed)  : :  Adult  : :  Small

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Penny needs a caretaker or foster! Won't you consider helping her get a new start?

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About Penny

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: 100
  • Species: Cat
  • General Color: Brown Tabby
  • Color: White and brown tabby / Bicolor
  • Current Size: 9 Pounds
  • Potential Size: 10 Pounds
  • Current Age: 2 Years 3 Months (best estimate)
  • Location: 92111
  • Declawed: No
  • Housetrained: Yes

Meet Penny! This beautiful mama cat and her two kittens were rescued off the streets of Tijuana in May and had been trying their best to survive. Penny is happily adjusting to her current foster home and her fosters mom has the following information to share. After reading her update, be sure to read Penny's original rescue story and you will appreciate just how far this beautiful girl has come from being an emaciated mom living in the streets and doing all that she could to help her kittens survive.

Update: 9/15 (from current foster mom)

Penny is doing SO well! She was very shy at first and only came out from under my bed when I came to pet her. Now, she follows me around the house meowing for me to pet her. Penny makes little chirping meows/squeaks that are SO cute!

Penny is her most playful late at night/early morning into the morning as well. I’ve never had a problem falling asleep with her around. It’s weird, she usually knows when I’m going to bed and she’ll be quiet. She will wake me up right when I need to in the morning by jumping on my bed and just nudging me. She doesn’t sleep in my bed though, she likes to sleep under it. She also doesn’t come up on the couch for some reason, she seems to be uneasy about the softness of both the bed and couch  I’ve been trying to pick her up a couple times a day and she’s way less jumpy than she used to be. She will still try to kick herself out, but she’s never scratched me.

She’s super cute playing and she LOVES her toys so much! She loves belly rubs too, although not as much on her upper belly. She used to hate being kissed on her head or anywhere and would jump and run away, but now she allows it :)

She doesn’t jump on my counters, but she does have a tendency to claw at the couch. (Aside: This should easily be taken care of by redirecting her “scratching” to a scratching post/ cat tree).

Penny is so good about using the litter box and has never had an accident. 

Even though she is not a lap cat, she may contemplate it, but then will say no, but she will sit or lay right next to you if you join her on the floor; she really likes the carpet. (this may be because she had never been exposed to a home with all the comforting areas it has to offer).

She loves to be approached! Sometimes she’ll be in her high energy mode and think you’re playing and run around. But she LOVES To be petted. Her foster mom had a friend come over and she was hanging out with them the whole night.

She’s very used to loud noises and doesn’t get affected (like the garbage truck or TV or blender) and she never scratches me unless I’ve picked her up and she uses her back feet to jump off me. (Penny has not been fostered around children so may do best in a home where there are not young children who attempt to pick her up and carry her around. She will not intentionally hurt them, but may accidentally scratch, trying to escape what she feels is close confinement)

She was curious about the front door once when I left, but she sits nicely at my screen door just to watch outside….. never has tried to escape.


Penny (fka Tabby Mama)

Penny was rescued as a stray cat when we were tagged on a FB post about 2 little kittens who turned out to be boys...a black and a tuxedo (see their bios for her babies' info) who needed rescue. We also saw the mom seeking to be petted while being offered food in the street Of course, we could have spayed mama and left her behind in the streets of Tijuana or take a chance and hope she is adoptable and take her with us. We hate to leave family members behind, never fair to be 'adoptable' because you are a kitten/puppy and ignore the adults leaving them behind. We knew she was sweet as she allowed us to pet her and she approached us. However, when rescuing kitties, it's always unknown if mamas are feral or adoptable since they are always hungry and when one is offering food to strays, they always act sweet. 

Well, we are happy to report, we are thankful mom is also sweet, BUT skittish and HATES to be picked up. If you pick her up, she will freak out to be placed on the ground, which is a classic indicator she trusts humans and enjoys the affection of being petted, but has never truly been a house cat and is not used to hugs or being picked up. She is easy to approach and loves to be scratched on her chin, booty, and purrs like a maniac! She does have the 'street bug' and tried hard to get out of the home. Sadly, she escaped twice at the beginning and, being the good mama that she is, she came back every time to look after her babies. I mean, can you imagine also escaping and ending up in a completely new area? She is one smart girl and we are really hopeful she will continue to adjust to being indoor only. So far, now that she is spayed and her babies are being fostered in a different home, she is doing much better and settling down. It's also only been a month of this new life style where she doesn't need to scavange and travel to find food; she has been using her litter box very well. 

If we can find a foster to help us work ONE on ONE with tabby girl so she can perhaps learn to accept being carried/picked up and not freak out, it may help her increase her chance at finding a forever home, especially if the homes have kids (the only reason we would prefer no kids at this time would be if they accidentally get scratched because they tried lifting her) otherwise she seems to seek their attention especially if the little humans have treats with them :)

She is a BEAUTY and although too small at this time, she has a little bit of a Maine Coon look to her.

She came in fairly emaciated.. likely because she was not surviving very well finding food for herself and her babies. We don't know what happened to the other babies, but this little family had many parasites both internally and externally so we don't know that they survived and these two boys have been thriving and recovering nicely now that they have been dewormed and had all of the medical they needed to improve. Tabby has begun gaining weight and now weighs 7 pounds! Yay!

If you are interested in adopting Penny, please file an adoption application online at arwob.org. Nothing will make this girl happier than finding the forever family of her dreams where she will be safe, well loved, and cherished as a family member!

More about Penny

Is Not Good with Dogs, Good with Cats

Penny's baby boy, Tex (adopted) can also be seen on our website.
Penny's baby boy, Rocky (adopted) can also be seen on our website.

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