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Babs' Web Page

Domestic Short Hair / Tabby / Mixed (short coat)  : :  Female (spayed)  : :  Young  : :  Small

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Babs needs a caretaker or foster! Won't you consider helping her get a new start?

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About Babs

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: 130.00
  • Species: Cat
  • General Color: Brown Tabby
  • Color: Spotted
  • Current Size: 8 Pounds
  • Potential Size: 10 Pounds
  • Current Age: 1 Year 3 Months (best estimate)
  • Location: 92111
  • Declawed: No
  • Housetrained: Yes

Update 7/3/21

Babs is a gorgeous brown tabby that many confuse for a Bengal because of her coloring and sometimes the angle the sun hits her eyes, they look so green. She is just a beauty!
She was rescued by a local San Diegan 'pet detective' who helps the community trap and locate their lost pets (Mostly dogs) who was traveling back and traveling through El Centro/Arizona (sorry this was back in November). Now, we don't remember what location Babs was rescued from ha!, but she was found on 11/2020 at a hotel while the "pet detective" was driving by and so she contacted ARWOB for help with that kitty. She likely contacted us because she knew we would take this potential behavior case kitty. 

Babs is an AMAZING cat. Her current foster (ARWOB founder) is a single working indiviudal who has many dogs and cats at home. She originally had Babs in November in her home under quarantine and during medical stages so she was in a kennel setting most of the time and never noticed a behavior issue. Then, Babs went to a foster with 2 working adults in early 2021, with no other pets and 2 young children. They really liked her and when we transferred Babs to the adoption center, volunteers would note and communicate that she was not a very affectionate cat and didn't appreciate other cats. So, we moved Babs to a foster to adopt home who had a large home and a senior cat. She did great but the potential adopter mentioned often how HIGH ENERGY she was and how smart she was. At the end, she was returned because they thought she was aggressive with their cat and their cat with her. Babs has now been at 'Casa de ARWOB' probably since May of 2021 and spent a couple of weeks in a kennel setting with multiple supervised playtimes in the house but since June, she has the run of the house and she is great! She lives with 7 other cats.

Babs is not for everyone, but she is pretty amazing. Let's tell you the pros and cons and you can decide if you maybe want to foster to adopt this girl. 

Dogs: She is good with dogs because she has no fear of them. She is also not playful with them, yet. She is more observant but not fearful of them, she also doesn't attack them. So a home with dogs is fine.

Cats: She is not a 'cat buddy'; she can cohabitate with them BUT it depends on the cat's personality. A scaredy cat who 'runs' from her will NOT be a good match as she WILL chase the cat around. She LOVES to feel dominant and like she is 'all that and more', but she is sadly playing, just doesn't really know how to play. A dominant alpha male or female who hold their ground and put her in her place are perfect because she learns quickly that they are not playing around. Sometimes you will find Babs laying around and next to some of the senior cats (see pictures). She also tries to be around the younger teens, but she likes to observe them and be around them, sometimes chasing each other. BUT if you ask us, Babs would be FINE and likely BEST as the only cat to not worry about dynamics in the house. Perhaps a dog to keep her entertained would be best. She is not a fan of little kittens either, she just stays clear of them and seems more fascinated by the adult or teen size cats.  Keep in mind, this means depending on the cat (ei if its a cat whose personality is scared or aware of her - she will take advantage and sometimes ALSO annoy them at the cat litter box SO you have to know cat dynamics and how to make sure everyone is 'ok'.

Kids /Humans: 
The people who have been around Babs also commented on her biting and not liking to be petted. 
All I have to say is "NONSENSE!" She is the type of cat who needs a leader. Think of it as having a dog with behavior issues with the wrong person but under the right person she is just AMAZING. 

One can totally bear hug this girl, carry her upside down, left and right. She loves to snuggle in bed, can even belly rub. SURE sometimes (more often than not) she will try to growl and probably try to 'love bite', BUT if she is told not and you know how to work things around her and WHEN its proper belly times etc, you can do just fine and enjoy her.  We will post videos as we have many but need to edit them for potential applicants to see and learn what we are talking about. 

Babs ideal home: 
Someone who likes active cats, she is NOT hyper nor anywhere near a Bengal energy; she is just a young happy and healthy tabby who is BRAVE, has zero fear of anything (vacuuming or loud noises included), she will likely NEVER hide when new people come into the home, has a strong will and is SMART.  Her owner should be someone who takes "NO BS" from her and tells her what is OK and what is NOT ok to do, so that Babs doesn't take advantage. She needs a leader. Someone who enjoys cat antics, will KEEP HER INDOOR ONLY (she has been indoors for a year and never tried to get out, she did get out couple times recently -long story- but she thankfuly came right back when called). What we are saying IS she is not the type of cat because you feel she needs an outlet to burn energy you let her out because she absolutely is not. She is happy indoors and never tries to get out or bolt out. She is an independent cat but a couple times a day especially if you seek her out for attention she would love to cuddle and purr strongly along with you. 

Babs is NOT A talker so anyone who enjoys cats who don't have anything to say, that is a bonus.
She would be great for older kids because of the 'love bites' she could easily bite kids... especially kids who are not able to understand and observe when she has had enough. We think she would be great with kids because she is not scared of them and would love a little human to observe and play with as long as the kid is old enough to understand and learn how to properly touch her. 

Babs is healthy and READY for adoption. If you would like to foster to adopt Babs for a week or a month, please submit an ADOPTION application online and we could also use a foster since being in a home with multiple cats, the 1-2 scaredy cats she takes advantage of could use some time without Babs being here in the home.  

If you are interested in Babs and would like to set up a meet and greet, please fill out an adoption application online at arwob.org

More about Babs

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Videos of Babs:

Other Pictures of Babs (click to see larger version):

Babs Babs Babs Babs
Babs Babs Babs Babs
Babs Babs Babs Babs

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