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Animal Success Stories
Our NEW BEGINNINGS in our forever homes!
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Winston (fka Onyx) was adopted in July 2023.  We received this awesome "pupdate" from his adoptive dad.  Talk about winning the jackpot!  Winston was even in the family photo shoot!  Here is what his adoptive dad had to say about him:

"Winston is doing great! We love him so much! He is so smart, such a lover/snuggler and wants to be where we are. His social manners out and about and at restaurants is amazing. He is in training at PetSmart and such a good student. He gets to walk with his friend Luna 3x a week for 3 miles and they play. He is so sweet to those walking buy and very kind and calm to their dogs. He just loves everyone!"


Tessa has come a long way since first being rescued from the streets of Tijuana in 2020.  She was taken in by a local rescue in the area, who reached out to ARWOB in September 2022 to ask if we could help with a few long term dogs they had in their care.  Tessa then came to San Diego to find a forever family of her own.  She was adopted in July 2023 and she is living a wonderful life with her new family.  Her adoptive mom provided this lovely update:

"Things with Tessa are going so so well! She has such a big personality and we bonded quickly. I haven’t felt the need for training since she’s pretty obedient and we haven’t run into any issues at home or in the community. She’s such a sweetheart and everyone loves her. Thanks for checking in!"


Cece was adopted in July 2023 and we received this fantastic "pupdate" from her adoptive dad:

"Thank you for reaching out! Cece is doing AMAZING. She’s been such a joy for my partner, Crystal, and I. When we first met Cece, we knew pretty quickly that she would be a foster fail. The last 2 months have gone by so fast — lots of ups and downs, but doing great overall. We started dog training classes a couple weeks ago and she is learning basic commands and tricks very fast. In fact, she’s usually the instructor’s go-to dog for demonstrating examples in our group class because she’s smart and catches on so quickly. She is also very food-motivated and people-pleasing. She has high energy and loves making doggy friends during her adventures to the park and beach. At home, Cece is the biggest clinger, and truly wants to be held 24/7. She LOVES meeting new people and instantly wins over any of our friends or family who comes to visit. We're very excited for this upcoming journey with her!"


We absolutely LOVE success stories like this one!  Mochi (fka Smokey) was adopted in July 2023 after waiting patiently for a long time to find her forever family.  She was adopted into a loving family that had previously adopted two ARWOB kitties. We adore repeat adopters!  Maple (fka Brie) and Nacho (fka Munster) were adopted together in December 2022.  Now they have a new feline sister and Mochi is enjoying life with her new family!  Here is what her adoptive mom has to say about her:

"Mochi (FKA Smokey) is doing great! She is such a sweet and hilarious cat. She LOVES to play, her favorites are a laser toy and teaser wands. If she is bored she call out and have you followed her to the toys or will drag the toy to you. If she is lonely she will call again out to anyone that will listen for attention. She is very vocal with chirps and trills. She has an interesting drinking style, she dips her whole chin in the water to drink and she always has water dripping when done. She gets along well with Maple and Nacho. Mochi likes independent play and was not interested in chase, a favorite of the other two but they have some how got her to join them occasionally! When they spend time it is usually lounging around the house, looking out windows or watching the hummingbirds. We are so happy we were able to welcome Mochi into our home and family."


Sweet Hannah was adopted in July 2023.  She is living her best life with her new adoptive mom.  Here is what she has to say about her:

"Hannah is doing great! She has brightened up my life and makes me giggle. She has gained weight and has a bestie named Rosie (my sisters dog). She loves her stuffies and likes to play fetch, although she likes to steal the ball most of the time. It's cute. We go to our local park or Balboa Park almost every day. When it's less crowded, and not super hot, we go to the bay or Colorado dog Beach. She's still not too sure of the water. Baby steps! She loves to squirrel watch (mom forbids the chase!). She also likes our neighborhood kitties. I believe she thinks they are a strange type of dog. She is so very kind to children and older adults as well. Hannah and I work on training everyday. She is very food motivated. Since I am an old RVT, we have not needed a professional trainer at this time. But if Hannah ever showed anything that I felt I couldn't handle, she be in training in a snap! In fact, I bought an insurance package that includes behavior modification, if needed. Hannah walks to my left side nicely. She never pulls. She has learned to sit, lay down, and wait. We are working on "come" with our 30ft training lead. She is getting there! We do live in a noisy neighborhood with the planes coming over frequently. Hannah has gotten used to most of the loud noise. When she first came to us, she was pretty frightened of planes and loud garbage trucks. Fireworks are still not super fun for her so we are slowly desensitizing to that loud noise. She enjoys classical music to drown out those booms. Hannah likes it when I sing "Hannah Banana" to her and we dance silly in my apartment. She is an awesome pup! I call her my "itty-bitty pitty". I feel extremely lucky to have Hannah, she has made my life more joyful. My boyfriend adores her too. Thank you ARWOB heroes! You all are amazing. I love my itty-bitty pitty Hannah so much. She is an excellent snuggler and an amazing role model for the pitty breed!"

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