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Check the animal attendance the morning before the event to confirm attendance of a particular rescue. In addition, please check the up-to-date animals attendance list 1 HOUR BEFORE an event to know if the dog or cat you want to meet is still attending.

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We not only provide you with everything you need to take care of one of our rescues, but the experience is SO fulfilling. By placing one animal into a foster home, you allow us to save another. We are always in need of foster parents.

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Animal Success Stories
Our NEW BEGINNINGS in our forever homes!
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We received this sweet "pupdate" about Rosie (fka Barry), who was adopted from ARWOB in November 2020.  Here is what her mom has to say about her:

"I just wanted to give you an update on Rosie (fka Barry)!! It’s been just under 3 months since I adopted my Rosie and I absolutely love her. She is the funniest puppy, she loves her sister Dasie, her smile makes everyone laugh..and she smiles often, she loves playing with toys that are almost the same size as her and dog beach is her favorite place to be! Rosie has brought so much joy into my life, I just can’t thank you enough for letting her be mine!"


We received another awesome "pupdate" for one of the ARWOB alumni. Izzie (fka Pumice) was adopted in April 2020 and is doing really well in her adoptive home.  Here is what her mom has to say about her:

"Izzie (formerly Pumice) is fitting in so well. She is just about 25 lbs of snuggly, sweetness! She’s quite the troublemaker- she loves to dig in the yard, tear up her toys, and annoy her older brother. They are best buddies! It was perfect to get many months working from home with her as she settled in to our home. We are so thankful for ARWOB for giving us our crazy pup!"


We received this fabulous photo of Jack (fka Caleb), who was adopted from ARWOB in 2012.  He is still going strong with his adoptive mom and feline sibling.


We received a fantastic "pupdate" about Mochi (fka Clara), who was adopted in April 2020! Here is what her adoptive Dad has to say about her:

"Clara (or as we now call her Mochi) is doing great! We actually adopted another dog about three months ago and the two of them are inseparable. Mochi is sweet and cuddly and always finding new ways to get into trouble. Here are a few pictures of her! Thank you so much for all that you do and for bringing her to us. We love her more than words and she is a perfect addition to our family."


All of the ARWOB alumni are special to us. But June’s story is especially unique because she has been through a lot! She was adopted by a family in 2016, but 3 years later they dumped her at the SDHS! Thankfully because of her microchip, we were contacted and we were able to bring her back to ARWOB. We then made it our mission to find the perfect FOREVER home for June! Fast forward to August 2020 and her dream finally came true!  She was adopted into a loving home with another kitty named Oliver, who she has become best friends with. Here is what June’s adoptive mom has to say about her now:

“She loves to play and show us her happy zoomies. Her and Oliver play and nap all day and have the same love of food. I’m just lucky they both like to cuddle before bed too! It’s my favorite routine. One of her favorite things to do is sleep on me during the day. I think it’s so sweet and I get some great pictures too!”

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