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Making a Difference in Their Lives.
We are a non-profit & all breed rescue organization operating in the Baja, Mexico and San Diego, CA areas to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome cats & dogs. Learn more about 

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 Scheduled Adoption Events

To see all events, visit our EVENT CALENDAR Page.

To make the most out of your time, we suggest you SUBMIT an adoption APPLICATION BEFORE an adoption event.

Check the animal attendance the morning before the event to confirm attendance of a particular rescue. In addition, please check the up-to-date animals attendance list 1 HOUR BEFORE an event to know if the dog or cat you want to meet is still attending.

Also remember to review important event information BEFORE attending.


Not ready to adopt a dog or cat? Have no time to volunteer or foster?

You can still help: a donation is a great way to help ARWOB! Any amount - large or small - is appreciated.

Find out other ways you can donate to ARWOB by visiting our donation page.

Foster a Rescue

Fostering is
  FREE and FUN! 

We not only provide you with everything you need to take care of one of our rescues, but the experience is SO fulfilling. By placing one animal into a foster home, you allow us to save another. We are always in need of foster parents.

Read more about our fostering program...


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Donation Information

Donation Information

Animal Rescuers Without Borders, Inc. is an animal rescue organization. Your donations help us provide medical and day-to-day care for the animals we save.  We appreciate your support!

Monetary Donations

 Make a donation by mail with a check: Make a donation online through PayPal:

Animal Rescuers Without Borders, Inc.

P.O. Box 712444
San Diego, CA 92171


Please make your donation check out to ARWOB and specify if you would like the funds
to be used for medical care, supplies,spay and neuter procedures, or general support.

Your monetary donation today could help to benefit our rescued dogs and cats through the following:

  • $10 Flea medications for one animal
  • $15 Vaccination for a cat or dog. (Most puppies and kittens will require 3 sets)
  • $30 Microchip and lifetime registration
  • $35 A bag of dog/ cat food
  • $40 Physical examination 
  • $50 - $70 Spay/Neuter for a cat
  • $70 - $150 Spay/Neuter for a dog
  • $300 - $460 Dental cleaning and extractions
  • $350 a month of half-day Doggie Day Care and socialization for high energy dogs


Wishlist for DonatED Goods

In order of need, these are goods that will be used at adoption events and in foster homes:
  1. Gift cards to COSTCO, PETCO OR other local pet stores 

  2. Dog and cat crates*
    ANY size, single or double doored, prefer Black Folding Crate/Kennel
    Can be found on Craigslist or Amazon for very reasonable prices.

  3. Puppy & kitten Dry and Can food
    Please, see below for notes on preferred brands.

  4. Puppy Pee Pads - Small or Medium

  5. E-Collars/Elizabethean collars*
    Otherwise known as "The cone of shame", in small to large sizes.
    We would LOVE to receive these because they help ARWOB save funds everytime we spay/neuter our rescues. We go through A LOT of these.

  6. Flea, Tick & Heartworm preventatives - especially Comfortis or Trifexis.
    Any size is appreciated, but medium or large dog sizes are preferred so we can dose appropriately.

  7. Dog pens/corrals* - Large or Medium

  8. Cat condos/ trees - Cat scatcher condos/hide aways for kittens and shy adult cats to transition well. Prefer NEW or in great shape and CLEAN.

  9. Pet gates*

  10. Machine-washable dog and cat beds and crate beds*

  11. Toys* for dogs and cats

  12. Treats - any brand for dogs and cats

  13. Cat litter - any scoopabe brand

  14. Cat litter box and litter scoopers
* Clean, gently used, working items welcomed!

ARWOB uses the following brands of dog & cat food:
  •  COSTCO brand - Kirkland puppy & Adult dry
  •  COSTCO brand - Kirkland Cat dry
  •  Science Diet - Puppy or small breed/small kibble size
  •  Science Diet - Kitten dry and wet food any flavor
  •  Iams - Puppy or Kitten dry/wet food
We can accept ANY BRAND of dog or cat food, including opened bags, because anything we can't use here will be given to our rescuers in Baja, Mexico to distribute to stray animals. 

You are welcomed to drop off any goods at scheduled adoption events, or email animalrescuers@sbcglobal.net to schedule a drop off/pick up location and time.

Other Ways to Support us

Donate supplies:
We have an Amazon Wishlist, featuring items which make life better for our rescues:

ARWOB's Amazon Wishlist

Donate a Kuranda dog bed

Turn your online orders into support for ARWOB!

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