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We are a non-profit rescue organization and DO NOT own a shelter. Therefore, our pets stay in FOSTER HOMES. Animals that need one have a note in RED below their picture on their profile.
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Terrier / Border Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Genie!UPDATE 1-26-23 from Genie's new foster family:"When I saw Genie's profile,  I thought she was a frail, little,  old lady. I was not sure if my 4 and 6 year old boys would be too rough and tumble for her.  Little did I know that she would be a little boy's dog.  Even with her age,  she is amazing with an active fa...
Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Leyla!Update 12-2-22 from foster family:"The latest videos on her bio are from her second session with trainer/behaviorist while introducing her to a small breed dog and she is doing wonderful positive improvement movements."Original rescue story:Leyla is a beautiful black labrador mix who was rescued as a stray after being hit by car.  A...

Pointer / Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Ava!  Ava was rescued in March 2022 as a young pup by a different rescue group who in April requested help with her and we had space to take her in.  Ava was rescued off the streets of Tijuana and was already scared and untrusty of people BUT a happy go lucky pup. She was scared when she first arrived but quickly opened up and bef...
Labrador Retriever / Retriever / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
Meet Cooper! LAB LOVERS- HERE’S YOUR DOG!​ Meet COOPER, an 8 ½ year old black lab who is looking for his forever home. Things started out sad for Cooper. He was found on the streets of Tijuana by an overcrowded Mexican rescue. They got him to safety and off the streets, but he was all but forgotten for two years. We can&...

Labrador Retriever / Retriever / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Tessa! Update from Tessa's foster family (3-14-23): Very good with other dogsBarks when someone is outside the yardGood eaterLoves peopleRides great in the carWalks good on a leash just a little pulling Good on long hikes would make a great jogging partner Good with catsDefinitely house trained Sleeps through the night without...
Shepherd / Shiba Inu / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Goldie! Goldie (fka blondie) is a gorgeous foxy girl who has the CUTEST fox/coyote face :) She was rescued from Ensenada Mexico in September 2022 when she was just 6-9mo old. She Arrived San Diego to receive medical (spay, vaccines, etc) and has been ready for adoption since late October 2022. As of March 15th she is full grown at 34 pou...

Belgian Shepherd Malinois / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Jade! Jade was adopted in January 2021 (fka Bells) to a family that has another alpha female dog in the home.  Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to provide extensive training to Jade, she remains reactive to other dogs and is not able to interact with their other female dog.  They are not able to play with both dogs at the...
Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Ágata!! Ágata was rescued from a bad owner by a good Samaritan in Baja Mexico in September.  Ágata and her mother Flaca were found malnourished, with sarcastic mange, and eye infections.  They were found roaming the streets and when the good Sam saw them, she decided to help with no hesitation.  The rescuer...

Shepherd / German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Buttercup! UPDATE 1/17/23: Buttercup was adopted by two different adopters, who were really not ready to take on the responsiblity of a new puppy (she was first adopted in December 2022 and the 2nd time in January 2023).  She is coming back to ARWOB this week and we need to find her a foster family asap!  This pup is sweet, smart, ...
Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet CeCe! CeCe was found roaming along an irrigation canal in the city of Mexicali.  The son of one of our Indy rescuers was kind enough to help CeCe when he saw her near the canal.  She was covered in lice and needed his help, so he brought her home and kept her with his family until he could bring her to Ensenada to stay with his moth...

Shepherd / Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Cilantro & Curry! These adorable siblings were rescued along with Their mom when only a few days old.they are now 8 weeks and ready for adoption. Curry looks a lot like mom with more a retriever short coat look (see moms picture on their bios) and Cilantro probably looks more like dad (unknown who he/they are but likely the shepherd genet...
Weimaraner / Manchester Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Salome! Salome was found as a stray puppy in Baja Mexico back in November.  She was found roaming a very busy street by a good Samaritan who knew he had to help her.  She was underweight and had sarcastic mange.  In late November she was still suffering from patches of hair loss and it took a whole month of weekly baths, better...

Animals Found: 16

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