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Check the animal attendance the morning before the event to confirm attendance of a particular rescue. In addition, please check the up-to-date animals attendance list 1 HOUR BEFORE an event to know if the dog or cat you want to meet is still attending.

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We not only provide you with everything you need to take care of one of our rescues, but the experience is SO fulfilling. By placing one animal into a foster home, you allow us to save another. We are always in need of foster parents.

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We are a non-profit rescue organization and DO NOT own a shelter. Therefore, our pets stay in FOSTER HOMES. Animals that need one have a note in RED below their picture on their profile.
You can also browse a list of animals who need a foster home to find out which pets are searching for one below:

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Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
The following is a quick bullet point on this rescue, please read the complete biography to know ALL we know about this wonderful rescue dog while under our care: Excellent heath. 3 legged with zero mobility issues. Excellent with ALL humans. Lives around young active children. Excellent companion for retirees and family dog. Must be the only...
Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
Foster parent update received 8/10/23:We love having shorty he is such a goofball! He enjoys walks in downtown San Diego and going to the little Italy dog park which is close to us. Shorty is doing great and has been making lots of doggy friends here in the city! He loves going to the dog park and meeting and playing with the other pups. He plays w...

German Shepherd Dog / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Buttercup! The following is a quick bullet point on this rescue, please read the complete biography to know ALL we know about this wonderful rescue dog while under our care:   Excellent health Excellent with ALL humans. Has lived around young children. Great with cats and dogs. Crate trained Energy level medium (wo...
Belgian Shepherd Malinois / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Jade! Jade was adopted in January 2021 (fka Bells) to a family that has another alpha female dog in the home.  Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to provide extensive training to Jade, she remains reactive to other dogs and is not able to interact with their other female dog.  They are not able to play with both dogs at the...

Border Terrier / Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
Hi!My name is Moe, and I was rescued off the streets of Baja early July. I am currently fostered in Ensenada Mexico with my rescuer in her home as there are no available foster homes in San Diego. I would LOVE to find a foster home in San Diego so I can attend adoption events in September, and I also have an appointment to be neutered late Septembe...
Spaniel / Golden Retriever / Mixed (long coat)
Dog /Female
Hi!My name is Abby and I was rescued from the streets of Tijuana in late August by a good citizen who noticed me waiting by the gate of a home after she drove through daily for work and had never seen me before. She stopped and asked around and was told by neighbors I belonged to the previous owners of the home, but they moved and left me behind. U...

Shepherd / Chihuahua / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Aggie! The following is a quick bullet point on this rescue, please read the complete biography to know ALL we know about this wonderful rescue dog while under our care:   Excellent heath Excellent with humans. Has not lived with children.  Great with dogs. Has been exposed to cats. Best to have a home with NO cats or ...
Doberman Pinscher / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Hi!My name is 'Antena' because well, I have an excellent pair of them!I was rescued off the streets of Baja the first week of July roaming alone seeking assistance and help from any human who would offer to save me from the starvation and parasite infestation I was battling as a young pup trying to survive the streets. Antena is lovingly called "Pr...

Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
Foster PUPDATE from foster home:Bailey is pure sweetness. He will take as much love, as much cuddles, and as many pets as you can give. His calm demeanor makes him the perfect cuddler. He also likes to play with his brother and run around like a playful puppy, but when he comes to you with his puppy dog eyes, you can’t help but melt. He will ...
Shepherd / Dutch Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
8/12/23 foster update:Egon is a beautiful brindle baby boy who has the best puppy dog eyes.  When he looks up at you, you can’t help but melt into his fuzzy face. He loves to play and wrestle with his brothers and he takes naps throughout the day. His fur is so soft and he loves to get pets from people.  He also likes stuffies and h...

Australian Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
Meet the "apples" of our eyes! This adorable litter of 5 Shepherd mix pups (2 female & 3 males) were rescued from a high kill dog pound (the perrera) in Ensenada Mexico on 6/24/23. The pups are doing amazing, still a little malnourished but quickly catching up on healthy weight, yay! As of 7/18 they are done with their quarantine and had t...
Pomeranian / Chihuahua / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
Hi!My name is Jonny and I have a sister named Josie (also available for adoption)As of 9/8/23 we are 4 pounds and approx. 3 months of age and are expected to grow into a 10-15 pound range. Our doggy mama was a Pomeranian but our father a small chihuahua. Some of our siblings had short and some had long coats. Thankfully, we both lucked out with sho...

Animals Found: 21

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