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We are a non-profit rescue organization and DO NOT own a shelter. Therefore, our pets stay in FOSTER HOMES. Animals that need one have a note in RED below their picture on their profile.
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Poodle (Miniature) / Poodle (unknown type) / Mixed (medium coat)
Dog /Male
UPDATE 5/22/20: Here is the update we have received from his foster family: "Beans" (as we've nicknamed him) has settled in nicely to the comforts of home life! He enjoys his daily routine of napping inside, napping outside in the sunshine, walks through the park, belly rubs and learning manners for jerky treats. He's fairly...
Bichon Frise / Poodle (Miniature) / Mixed (long coat)
Dog /Male
Meet Dante! Dante is an adorable senior poodle mix rescued from the streets of Tijuana on 01/2019 with horrible dental disease. He had to be neutered and receive dental back on -3/2019 because we didn't have a foster for him and he had to be fostered in Tijuana with his rescuer with no adoption applications. He is now fostered in San Diego in a ho...

Terrier / Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Meet Ellen and Emma! Update 4/9/20 from Ellen’s foster family: 
 “Ellen is a sweet, energetic, and loving puppy. She initially is shy, but with patience and a confident handler she opens up and lets her personality shine. She loves to play with other dogs (she is a puppy though so still learning play etiquette), loves toys, and is ...
Retriever / Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
UPDATE 5/20/20: Emilio’s foster mom sent this update: Emilio is a great companion dog with a spunky personality who is always happy to be your supervisor. He is an enthusiastic learner, extremely smart and athletic so we have been working daily on indoor games and training while social distancing. He plays very well with dogs and loves ...

Schnauzer / Poodle (unknown type) / Mixed (medium coat)
Dog /Male
UPDATE 5/19/20: Emmett’s foster mom sent this update: “Emmett is the sweetest, friendliest boy. He gets along great with dogs and cats alike, and loves to play, or just cuddle up by your side. He is gentle and loving. Emmett is learning to walk on a leash, and is a good eater. He always finishes his food. Emmett is a great friend. H...
Shepherd / German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
UPDATE 5/23/20: Here is the update we have received from his foster family: “Jacinto is doing great! He is very loving and playful pup. He loves belly rubs and being pet. He has been very friendly with both people and dogs. He enjoys playing with his toys and knows fetch as well. He is still working on his leash skills, but is making impro...

German Shepherd Dog / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
Lola is an adorable small GSD mix who was rescued from the streets of Tijuana tied to a post. This little girl is fearful and she was a fear biter when she first arrived to us. She arrived in a dog kennel for transport and was scared, didn't hesitate to bite, so we took the crate to a room and opened the crate for her to come out on her own, N...
Labrador Retriever / Collie / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
We think Nellie is a Lab/Collie/Pit mix, as she is a teenager at approximately 9 months of age and is 40 pounds.  She will likely reach 45-50 pounds when full grown. UPDATE 5/20/20: Here is the update we have received from her foster family: “Nelli is a sweetheart. She is fun, loving, and full of energy. She needs a home where s...

Shepherd / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
UPDATE 5/20/20:  Here is the update we have received from his foster family:   Pablo is an adorable cattle dog/shep/pit mix who is low to mild energy, chill dude. He has done well walking. He seemed to want to go on the walk around the block with the rest of the family (I was going to take him on a short one while they went their way) s...
Chihuahua / Dachshund / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Male
UPDATE 5/22/20:  Here is the update we have received from his foster family: “In brief I would say he is a fairly low maintenance dog that would do well in a low key/ low activity household. Just needs snuggles, belly rubs, and a few walks a day. Still working on house training, has been doing good after the first 2 days as lo...

Mastiff / Boxer / Mixed (short coat)
old leg injuries - possible mobility issues later in life
Dog /Male
Pepe is a sweet senior dog who was rescued already with old healed wounds on the front left and back right leg. He has great mobility, but will require a low actvity level. Walks and yard play would suffice. He seems to do well with dogs, both small and large, and he has been staying with an indie rescuer where he spends most of his time outside. W...
Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Dog /Female
UPDATE 5/19/20: Sophie's foster mom sent this update: "Just wanted to give you an update. Sophie is doing great. We have taught her new tricks, such as lay down, stay, and working on Shake. She is dog friendly but sometimes while introducing her to some dogs on leash, and although she still has to be the alpha she has been better at ge...

Animals Found: 13

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