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Aspen's Web Page

American Pit Bull Terrier / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)  : :  Female (spayed)  : :  Adult  : :  Medium

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Aspen needs a caretaker or foster! Won't you consider helping her get a new start?

Print an adoption flyer for Aspen!

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About Aspen

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: 100
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Brown/Chocolate with White
  • Color: brown and white / Bicolor
  • Current Size: 50 Pounds
  • Potential Size: 50 Pounds
  • Current Age: 6 Years 5 Months (best estimate)
  • Location: 92111
  • Housetrained: Yes
Meet Aspen!!

NOTE:  Aspen will be loosing her foster family as of 11/19/20 and will return to her boarding in Tijuana if we cannot find a foster, foster-to-adopt, or adoptive family. Sadly, she isn't the dog for everyone, as she will likely need an experienced dog owner.  Her adopter will need strong dog leadership skills and they must know how to be a good observer and handler.  Aspen is not an “off the leash at the dog park” kind of dog.  She is “dog selective,” which means she is not going to be friends with all dogs, but she is also not going to try to attack them while on leash, nor bark/lunge at them when she has a dog encounter while walking or hiking.  She ignores other dogs for the most part.  Aspen’s ideal home will likely be one who is looking for just one family dog and has no cats. She does love humans!!  Although she has met children on/off leash and has at times been sweet to them, a home without small children would likely be the best for her.  This ideal home can sometimes include playtime with some dogs she considers friends.  Providing dog training from the start would be perfect and her new foster or adopter will be able to talk with her current foster to see what type of training has already been done.  

Medically, Aspen is super healthy!  Even though she may be 6 years old and is happy/content with being calm, she can also be pretty active/energetic and would make a great hiking buddy and enjoys long walks.  Her blood work is great and she recently had a dental treatment, including removing her canine teeth and several other teeth that were fractured from the time before she was rescued.

UPDATE 10-31- 20:  Here is what Aspen's foster family has to say about her:

"Aspen seemed to have some anxiety when she first arrived at our home and would whine by the door or in her crate or pant a lot, but with a little love and affection she quickly adjusted and learned the rules fast. She responds very well to “no” and knows which areas she’s not allowed in. She did well with formal training and learned how to not pull on the leash and walk nicely by your side, but you will need to be consistent with it. Getting her to sit off leash with a verbal command is difficult as she is not food driven and will not sit for treats. She only sits when she is on leash by your side with a gentle reminder by pulling up on the leash. Sometimes I think she does not like to sit because of her hip (you will notice she sits off to one side). She enjoys eating leaves from the garden and human food (cooked veggies, rice, sweet potato) over dog food, I think because they’re soft and easier to chew. She eats hard dog food very slowly because she is missing several teeth, so maybe soft treats and soft food would be better for her. Aspen sleeps nicely in her crate every night and will go to her crate on her own throughout the day, however she will resist if she knows you are leaving. Sometimes she will run to a corner or under the bed if you tell her to go to her place, but this can easily be fixed with consistent training on leash (when her leash is on, she goes to her place on command). She is not super destructive but has lightly chewed on a few items that were in the yard (boxing glove and yoga mat), but they weren’t destroyed or anything (again, probably has to do with her missing some teeth). She also responds well to “no” if you see her try to grab something or if you correct her for trying to chew on something.

Aspen is very independent and likes to explore outside. She has gotten under the house several times by moving a potted plant that was blocking the crawlspace, so make sure there are no holes because she will find it. Several times she has also bolted out of the door when we came home, but if you chase her and yell after her she immediately stops and rolls over on her back. Despite her being a little mischievous at times, she is the absolute sweetest. Even though she likes all people and gets along great with everyone, she has attached onto me and will follow me around everywhere. She likes to sleep under my side of the bed and it has become her spot whenever I’m in bed, or she wants to get away from everyone. She is dominant with other dogs, but lives with a male staffy rescue we brought home a couple weeks after getting Aspen. He is about 3 years old and a little shorter but stockier than her. He gets along with all dogs, has a very playful attitude and they are best buddies now, even sleeping with each other on occasion. When we brought him home we made sure to introduce them in a neutral area and crate rotate them for the first day. We also had a third dog we brought home that same night, a 1-year-old large pit mix with special needs that we temporarily watched for another rescue. It took her an extra day to warm up to him as he did not believe in personal space and would often times get too close to her where she would nip at him. But with constant monitoring and quick corrections if she was being mean, she eventually allowed him into the pack although she still kept her distance most of the time. Naturally, she would get jealous if I pet any of the other dogs and would come over and sit in front of me, so if there are other dogs in the house make sure to be as neutral as possible and share the love equally.

Aspen has been great with all people and is extremely friendly with everyone who has come over to the house. However she did growl twice at children when she was crated and they were running by. I think those were isolated incidents because she was upset that she had to stay in the crate and the kids were playing and screaming. While I’m confident that she can be around children, I do see her being possibly too high-energy around smaller kids.

Overall Aspen has been the perfect foster daughter. She even has a secret poop corner away from our nice garden and turf, which was nice and made it easy to pick up after her. She is very swe

To meet Aspen, please submit an adoption or foster application online at arwob.org

More about Aspen

Good with Dogs, Not Good with Cats

Aspen's companion, Pepe (adopted) can also be seen on our website.

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